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Arm yourself with perseverance and count the number of existing circles in this image.

How about getting out of your comfort zone andassess your visual and intellectual skills ? To help you, we suggest you take an IQ test. It will only take a few minutes and won’t interfere with your schedule. Put the odds on your side by staying focused.

What are the instructions for this IQ test?

For this test, we are going to show you an image on which you will see square patterns. The image might vaguely resemble a bar of chocolate. What you need to do is observe the picture and count the exact number of circles on it.


It may seem difficult, but don’t give up, you can do it.

Why take an IQ test?

IQ tests are very easy to find on the internet. Therefore, it only takes a few clicks to pass one. Indeed, IQ tests can be very fun and very entertaining, which is very useful to escape from the daily routine. Finally, they are perfect for keep the mind active and healthy. Not only do they make it possible to work the brainbut in addition they improve intellectual abilities.

It’s time to finish the test!

In total, there are 24 circles in the picture. We congratulate all the people who managed to find. You have to be really smart to find the answer. For those who couldn’t find it, don’t worry, we’ll explain. Look at the picture again and this time, use your creativity! If you look closely, you will realize that the small squares can be seen as circles. To help you understand, here is the solution in picture.


We hope you enjoyed this IQ test. Feel free to share it on your social networks so your friends can enjoy it too.

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