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Astro 2023: this sign will have a very eventful start to June

June is not an easy month for all zodiac signs. While Gemini takes center stage, other zodiac signs will be put to the test.

June marks the middle of the year. Already, 6 months have passed and it’s time for the “mid-term” review. The beginning of the month is also marked by a very important astro event: the Full Moon of June 4, 2023 in Sagittarius. For some, it brings joy, love, adventure and happiness. For others, it means awareness and introspection. Less fun, but necessary to move forward. Taurus, Gemini, Aries… “From June 4, an event or an encounter can create immense hope in him, and he can feel that he’s on the verge of achieving his most important goals”, explains Annalisa Angelucci, astrologer for aufeminin. So everything looks good for this fire sign.

But that’s not the case for another sign on the zodiac wheel: Libra. This sign of balance and harmony is not going to enjoy a moment’s rest. He’ll have to be patient, because as the month progresses, things should get better for him. All’s well on the heart front, but it’s on the business front that Libra finds it hard to cope.

A complicated start for Libra

On the face of it, Libra is having a very good start to June. “The month begins with the galvanizing effects of good news or communication or an encounter that could fill him with joy. He may understand something very instructive simply by observing the situation around him”, explains Annalisa Angelucci. In Libra’s head, ideas fly. “Absolutely revolutionary ideas and, especially if he works in the arts and decoration, brilliant inspiration, arrive at the beginning of the month.” Everything seems to be taking shape on a professional level. Nevertheless, the pressure implied by these professional successes is powerful. “It’s likely that for many of them right now, working is a heavy burden or involves giving up and making sacrifices.” They’ll need to be patient and, above all, try to make time for themselves.


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