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Astrology: the Black Moon brings luck and hope to these signs

The Black Moon will upset the daily lives of two zodiac signs. Here are the effects predicted by astrologers.

A major new phenomenon is about to make its effects felt in the daily lives of the twelve signs of the zodiac. At issue is the movement of Lilith, the Moon’s shadow, which represents the point of the satellite furthest from the Earth. Also known as the “Black Moon”, it will soon make contact with the Sun in Gemini. If Lilith has always been marked by mystery, this time she intends to bring an unprecedented sense of freedom to certain zodiacal profiles. Astrologers are convinced that the effects will be particularly positive. Indeed, the darkness that characterizes this Moon is here put at the service of the Sun. A beneficial association for two signs in particular. In particular, the two stars will bring out their talents. As a result, many opportunities could arise in the coming weeks.

Who will be the zodiac’s favorites in the coming days? The first sign to benefit from the influence of the Black Moon: Scorpio! The good news will come at work. The rubbing of Lilith and the Sun will arm him with courage to defend his position with his superiors. This boldness will be amply rewarded! Scorpio friends, the promotion of your abilities is likely to lead to the assumption of responsibilities and, consequently, to comfortable financial gain. This will provide you with welcome material comfort after a period marked by debts. This sudden abundance will also enable you to enjoy the summer season to the full, as it gradually gets underway. Planning a trip? Now’s the time to listen to your intuition and take action!

The Black Moon will impact the daily lives of these two signs

Another zodiac profile about to experience a lucky episode: Aquarius! An important encounter is about to take place. It’s bound to turn your life upside down. Your daily life could be completely transformed. Fortunately, the impact of this new person will be beneficial. Dear Aquarius natives, you’re going to enjoy a significant boost to your motivation. A positive situation in your professional life, but also for launching projects that are close to your heart. Your creative side has never been so much in evidence. Make the most of it to bring your ideas to fruition. Note that Lilith represents the unconscious of each zodiac profile. So she points out what each of us sometimes tends to repress. For Aquarius, the project that has been put aside for too long must now occupy their thoughts.

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