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Difference game: You have 25 seconds to prove your worth by finding the differences between the two images.

This is an intellectual challenge that will put your analytical and visual skills. At first glance, the two images look 100% identical. However, don’t be fooled, as there are many dissimilarities between them and your mission will be to find them all by 25 seconds.

Use your visual agility to pass this test!

There you have it. This test is a difference game in which you compare two more or less similar illustrations of a grizzled old couple sharing a cup of hot tea. In all, there are 5 dissimilarities. You need to locate them all. However, there is a time limit. This makes the game more challenging, but above all allows you to measure your cognitive abilities. In fact, you’ll only have 25 seconds to complete this test.


Discover the solution to this test!

After carefully observing the two images, were you able to find the 5 differences and above all, have you managed to keep up with the 25 seconds ? If so, congratulations, because you’ve clearly demonstrated your visual intelligence.

On the other hand, if you’re missing one or more elements, don’t be discouraged! You’ll do better next time in our other tests. For now, discover the complete solution of this difference game


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