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Discover your current emotional state with this quick personality test

Discover the different facets of your personality by taking this test.

Have you ever thought that your favorite animal can tell you a lot about your personality and emotional state? That’s what this personality test offers: choose an animal to find out how you regulate your emotions.

How do I take this personality test?

Your task is to take a close look at the photos of the animals below. Then select the one you’d like to keep with you. Make the right choice, because you only get one go. There’s no time limit on this personality test, so you can think long and hard. Once you’ve decided on the animal you like, take a look at the corresponding revelations.

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Why take this personality test?

Taking this personality test gives you the opportunity to discover your emotional state, and can help you better understand your own emotions. This in turn enables you to manage them more effectively. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will make it easier for you to work on areas for improvement. You’ll also be able to put in place strategies for dealing with difficult emotions.

Here are the revelations corresponding to your choices

Tiger: you’re currently stressed by routine and boredom. You’re going through a phase where you feel your life is empty.

Puppy: your emotional state is affected by your work, which is putting a lot of stress on you.

Hamster: you can be very anxious about little things, even the dark. It’s advisable to spend more time with people you enjoy.

Turtle: your stress is mainly caused by overwork and confusion.

Birds: you think you have limits, and this state of mind leads to a lot of stress.


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