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Find the answer in 10 seconds and prove to everyone that you’re a true genius!

How about a little challenge to stimulate your intellect ? We have a little IQ test that will let you have fun while you exercise your brain. So take this opportunity to push your limits. Take the time to concentrate, then start the test.

What is the IQ test?

On the image we’re about to show you, you’ll see 4 different shapes seen from two different angles, except for the last shape.. For this one, it’s up to you to find. To do this, you’ll need to look at the other shapes, then choose between the various proposals available to you. Please note, you only have 10 seconds to get there. You need to stay focused.

Why take an IQ test?

When it comes to the fun and practical side of online IQ testsyou can discover a entertaining and enlightening experience. Indeed, these virtual evaluations offer a fun opportunity to assess your intellectual abilities and measure yourself against challenging puzzlesall from the comfort of your own home. You can get caught up in the game and surprise yourself with a variety of challenges that test your logic, reasoning and mental speed. What’s more, these online tests let you explore your cognitive potential at your own pacewith no time or travel constraints. They’re an enjoyable way to discover your strengths and areas for improvementand have fun at the same time.


The 10 seconds are up. Are you finished?

The correct answer was D. Congratulations to all those who managed to find the answer. For those who didn’t make it through the test, don’t worry, we’ll help you. In order to deduce the underlying logicit was necessary to grasp that each associated shape was rotated on its sideeither to the left or to the right. What’s more, this rotation occurred alternately, meaning that shape 1 rotated to the left, shape 2 rotated to the right, then shape 4 rotated back to the left. As a result, we can conclude that shape 4 rotated to the right.


We hope this IQ test has been stimulating enough for you. We invite you to challenge your friends by sharing it on your social networks.

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