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Find this dog’s owner to prove you have the intellectual capacity of a genius.

Would you make a good detective? Discover the answer to that question with this intellectual challenge which we invite you to take. It’s an IQ test that’s both useful and fun, so make the most of it! Take your time to concentrate, then start the test.

What is the IQ test?

For this test, we’re going to show you a picture in which you’ll see three men sitting in a café. Outside the café, a dog is waiting for its master. Look closely at the picture, try to guess which of these three men is the dog’s owner. A true genius can easily find the answer to this question. If you can, it means you’re as smart as a genius.


Why take an IQ test?

Online intelligence quotient (IQ) tests can be an opportunity to challenge yourself and measure your cognitive abilities in a fun way. They offer the opportunity to confront riddles, puzzles and questions that stimulate thinking and test intelligence. While it’s important to remember that online IQ test results are neither definitive nor a complete measure of intelligence, they can be seen as a means of testing and challenging oneself on specific aspects of cognition. It’s an opportunity to measure yourself in an entertaining setting, taking on cognitive challenges and evaluating your performance in relative terms.

It’s time to give the solution!

The man in the middle is the dog’s owner.

We congratulate everyone who managed to find the right answer. Your powers of observation and deduction really impress us. For those of you who couldn’t figure it out, we’ll explain. To do so, please look at the picture again. If you look closely, you’ll see that the man in the middle has brought a leash with him. Here’s the solution in pictures.


We hope this little challenge has stimulated your mind. Feel free to share it on your networks so your friends can try it out.

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