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High level IQ test: Only the strongest can find the value of the last square!

Not many people can find the answer to this test. How about you? Do you think you’re up to it? Try to solve it to find out.

Today’s test is for those who have a brain with exceptional abilities. Did you know how the brain thinks? It is thanks to electrical signals that pass between neurons that we are able to think. These signals are called nerve impulses. All of these impulses are then processed by the brain, which analyzes the information and creates a deduction. In this game, that’s exactly what you have to do. You have to analyze what is asked of you to find the solution to the request.

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How to solve this IQ test?

This exercise, which seems to be a simple mathematical challenge, is in fact a real IQ test. Indeed, it is an advanced test, intended to evaluate the capacity of reasoning and reflection of each one. The IQ test is about analysis and finding a solution using logic. This test measures more than your mathematical knowledge. You have to be able to deduce something from the numbers.

This test is for the most intelligent, but also for those who are able to think on their feet. If you think you have a high intellectual potential, you can do this game. If you don’t, you can always try, you won’t lose anything. Indeed, by practicing with this type of test, you will be able to overcome them and better understand their logic.

What is the procedure to solve this IQ test?

To solve this IQ test, it is important to use deduction and logic. Most IQ tests require careful analysis of the information provided to determine the most appropriate method of approach. It is therefore important to understand the instructions to begin with and to take the time to read the data presented to you.

The answer to an IQ test can only be found by examining the relationships between the various data provided. In this case, it may require finding the logical sequence between the numbers by approaching them through basic operations.

The solution to this test

The answer is 44.

Here is the explanation:

Column 1: [(7 x 4) + 1] – 11 = 18.

Column 2 : [(8 x 5) + 2] – 12 = 30.

Column 3: [(9 x 6) + 3] – 13 = 44.

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