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IQ test: Can you form 7 triangular patterns by moving just 2 matches?

How about a little challenge to get you back on track? We’ve got just the IQ test you’re looking for! test your intellectual capacity. Take time to concentrate and start the test as soon as you feel ready.

What is the IQ test?

To test your intellectual abilities, we’re going to ask you to form triangular shapes using matches. To start with, you’ll be given 8 matches and 2 triangles. Your aim is to find out which amulets to move and where to put them so that you have a total of 7 triangles.. Note that you can only move 2 matches, so think carefully. Stay focused to make the most of your chances.


Why take an IQ test?

Playing an IQ test with a match like this has several advantages. First and foremost, it improves critical thinking skills, as solving this test requires logic and analysis. It also improves problem-solving skills, as you have to rearrange the matches to find the solution. Performing this test also develops attention and concentration, since you have to stay focused to solve it. In addition, this test offers a mental training. In fact, you often have to try it several times before completing it successfully. Last but not least, this match puzzle can be a source of entertainmentWhether you want to solve the test quickly with your family, or simply have fun.

Time to finish the IQ test!

We congratulate to everyone who managed to find the right answer. Your intelligence impresses us greatly.

For those of you who unfortunately haven’t found the matches to move, we’re going to help you. If you look carefully, you’ll see that two matches, on either side of the triangle above, need to be moved. To do this, simply form the vertex of a triangle with them. This vertex must point downwards, so that the bottom triangle can be split into three. The sections formed by this displacement give a total of 7 triangles.

Here’s the solution in pictures to help you understand.


We hope this IQ test has been stimulating enough for you and invite you to take it again. share it on your social networks so that your friends can enjoy it.

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