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IQ test: Solve this riddle if you have a real sense of analysis and observation!

If you can guess who cheated in this puzzle, you’re a true genius!

Only good observers and perceptive people were able to solve this cerebral challenge quickly. Indeed, this visual puzzle requires great visual skills and a sharp, agile mind, because it’s not as simple as it looks. So, if you can solve it, you can claim to be part of a batch of geniuses! Just take the challenge to prove it!

Visual test: “Which of these marathon runners cheated?”

In the image below, you can see 3 athletes about to cross the finish line of the marathon in which they took part. If, at first glance, you don’t see any anomalies in this image, know that if you look closely, you’ll deduce that one detail is amiss. This detail is proof that one of these marathoners cheated during the race to arrive at the same time as his rivals.

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Check it out and comb every nook and cranny of the picture for that clue that earns you the title of genius. Are you ready? Now it’s your turn!

IQ test: the answers

Have you finally spotted the detail that proves one of these athletes is cheating, or are you just giving in? Compare your answer with the solution below to find out if you’ve got it right!

The solution

The marathon runner who cheated is none other than the young man on the right of the picture, the one in the blue tank top. Can you see why? Well, how come he didn’t sweat throughout the event, unlike his opponents? It means he cheated.

© Masflamencoradio


So, did you give the right answer? If so, congratulations! Your success means that you have an undeniable sense of analysis and deduction. You’re a true genius!

If you failed, we advise you to practice more often to improve your visual acuity and mental insight!


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