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IQ test: Test your visual reasoning! Solve this test in 10 seconds!

Do you know what the visual reasoning ? It is a process of analyzing visual information and solving problems after analyzing it. In this IQ test, you will have to use this perceptual reasoning ability in order to pass the test. Do you think you can achieve this? Prove it by taking our challenge now!

Visual test: “Which path should the girl take to get out of the house?” »

In l’image Next, a girl is on the first floor of her house. As the rain begins to fall outside, she will have to go up to the terrace to pick up her laundry. To do this, she will have to travel the three floors above using stairs before arriving at the roof of the house.


After analyzing the image with all its details, answer this question: which way will she have to follow to go up to the roof avoiding any dead end? You have 10 seconds to solve this visual puzzle!

IQ test: the answers

The 10 seconds went by quickly, didn’t it? But know that they were more than enough for the geniuses who solved this visual puzzle ! What about you? Check out the solution to this riddle below and compare it with your answer.

The solution

In order to reach the roof of the house without passing through a closed room, the girl will have to take 6 ladders as shown in the solution in the image below.


So, did you give the correct answer? If so, our Congratulation ! This means that you have excellent visual reasoning and excellent thinking speed. If you failed, don’t worry. You then need to boost your visual and cerebral performance. To improve your vision and thinking speed, choose to train with visual IQ tests. As well as being entertaining, these visual tests and puzzles will help you keep your brain active and stimulate your vision as well as your sense of observation. You can find multiple IQ and visual tests on our site.

Moreover, your evolution will not only serve you in these visual games, but also in your daily life. Indeed, you will see that your ability to analyze and solve problems will improve. You will also make rational decisions more quickly.

Besides, don’t forget to share this intelligence test with your loved ones. Also test their visual reasoning! Do you think they will easily meet this challenge?

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