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IQ test: Which dog will get his milk first? If you’re smart, answer correctly before the timer runs out!

Here’s a visual puzzle that only the truly clever and genius can solve quickly!

Put your intelligence to the test and measure your powers of observation and analysis with this IQ test. Many have underestimated this visual challenge and ended up failing. Don’t do the same! Stay focused and take this game seriously, because it’s not as easy as it looks!

Visual test: “Which of these dogs will be the first to drink milk?”

In the image below, you can see a container connected to pipes to distribute milk to the 4 dogs. Your mission is to determine which of these dogs will get it first.

© Masflamencoradio


You’ve only got 20 seconds to solve this cerebral and visual puzzle. Will it be enough for you? Prove it now!

IQ test: the answers

The 20 seconds are up. Have you managed to answer correctly? Let’s see if your answer matches the solution below.

The solution

The dog that drinks milk first is none other than dog number 2. The pipes leading to dogs 1, 3 and 4 are blocked. As a result, the milk can only flow through the pipe leading to dog 2. Here’s the solution in pictures:

© Masflamencoradio


Were you right? Well done! You’ve been a keen observer and used your intelligence wisely. If you failed, it means that you didn’t look closely at the details of the image at pipe level. We therefore advise you to pay close attention to detail so as not to miss anything. Train yourself with our tests to improve your visual and cognitive performance. You’ll find different types on our page. Feel free to visit it and invite friends to test their intelligence.


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