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IQ test: You’re a genius if you can tell which woman is pregnant!

Test your intelligence and observation skills with this IQ test.

Think you’re a genius? Then you’ll love today’s test. This amazing challenge measures your ability to dissect and analyze the most subtle details to find the solution to the problem. See the next paragraph for the rules of the game.

IQ test of the day: identify the woman carrying a child

Look at the picture of 4 women below. Your task is to identify which of them is pregnant. You’ll have plenty of time to think, as there’s no time limit. Stay focused and attentive because there’s no room for error. You’ve only got one shot, so don’t let distractions bother you.

What are the good reasons for taking this IQ test?

This test can help develop reasoning and critical thinking skills. The same applies to observation skills. It can also help identify people with high IQ potential.

Answers: this is the pregnant woman in the photo

Many Internet users make the mistake of choosing woman D because she looks pregnant, but that’s not the case. It’s not person C either, since she shows no signs of pregnancy and, what’s more, she’s drinking. This is also the case for person B. This means that the answer is woman A. Indeed, during the first months of pregnancy, the woman looks tired and always wants to sleep.

Congratulations if you’ve managed to identify the pregnant woman in the picture. This indicates that you’re a true genius who attaches great importance to every detail. For those who have failed, this may be the result of a lack of practice. That’s why it’s advisable to take on other challenges to get your brain used to them.

Give your family and friends the opportunity to take up the pregnant woman’s challenge by sharing this test, so that they too can have a great time.

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