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It’s time for you to prove to everyone that you are a genius by finding all the numbers hidden in this picture.

Do you feel like you are different from others? To understand faster than others? Maybe your intellectual skills are above average? We propose today to answer this question thanks to a test. You will be able test your abilities in seconds, enjoy! Before you begin, take some time to focus.

What is this IQ test?

For this challenge, we are going to present to you a picture. On this one, you will see a very pretty children’s room. In this room, there are several toys, various objects and some furniture. However, apart from all this, figures also hide in this room. Where are these numbers? How many are they? It’s up to you to answer these questions. To achieve this, a time limit is imposed on you! In fact, you only have 13 seconds to get there and to be considered a genius.


What is the benefit of taking IQ tests online?

You should know that it is essential to keep your brain active and healthy if you want to fully enjoy your intellectual abilities. First of all, it is important to point out that IQ tests can be considered as jeux. Therefore, they can help escape daily pressure for a few minutes, which reduces the chances of overwork and problems related to memory loss. Second, IQ tests can stimulate the brain. In fact, they call on cognitive abilities as memory and concentrationbut also deductive skills. They therefore help to stimulate the brain while improving its capacities.

The 13 seconds are up. It is time to give the solution.

We congratulate the geniuses who managed to complete this IQ test within the time limit. Your intellectual performance is impressive. For those who couldn’t find it, don’t worry, we’ll help you. In total, there were 9 numbers in the picture, ranging from number 1 to 9.

Here is the picture solution to help you find the numbers easily.


We hope you enjoyed this test. If that is the case, do not hesitate to share it on your social networks so that your friends can enjoy it.

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