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Love horoscope: mid-April holds some very nice surprises for these three astrological signs

Every week, the planets are spreading their energies over our heads to help us move forward. For some zodiac signs, this is a sign that the tide is turning in their favor. Here is the list of the luckiest zodiac characters of the week.

We are in the middle of spring. As the trees begin to blossom and nature awakens, the season of love is slowly pushing us to open up to the world. There is a scent of romance in the air. There follows a desire to reconnect with those we love and perhaps even to meet new people. Soon, the Aries season, dynamic, vibrant and inviting to be enterprising, will give way to the Taurus season, softer, more sentimental, especially more turned towards feelings and emotions. But, before diving into a remake of the famous “Pride and Prejudice”, the sky offers us a sweet interlude. The week of April 13 to 19, 2023 brings luck and love together. The proof is in the ranking of the best astrological signs of the week based on the forecasts of the astrologer, Jean-Yves Espié.

Horoscope Predictions for the Week of April 13, 2023

There are weeks full of complex energies and moments when everything seems to line up. Forget about tensions, headaches and useless questioning. Over the next few days, one of the sunniest phenomena in existence will be distilling a flurry of good vibes over our heads. No matter what your astrological sign is, this could be one of the luckiest weeks of the year for you. And it’s to the alliance of the Sun and Jupiter in the sign of Aries that we must say thank you. The two stars offer us a boulevard to make our ideas bear fruit and to concretize our projects. On the agenda: an ideal combo of strength, energy, confidence, luck and expansion. All our desires may then come to life. Provided, of course, that you succeed in following the path of the heart, Mars in Cancer reminds us.

The Red Planet, high priestess of ambition, is in league with Mercury in Taurus to help us dare to share what makes us tick. It’s time to dive into a mood of kiff. And the good news doesn’t stop there, as Venus in Gemini encourages us to flirt and inject more levity into our private lives. In short, she gives us one and only mission: to give in to passion without having to ask ourselves any questions. It is important to note that if the situation seems to be perfect to date in all simplicity, the sky begs us not to put too much hope in exchanges. If the stars assure us that beautiful stories can be born, they do not say that it is made to last. So, let’s take inspiration from Horace and his famous poem to activate the “Carpe Diem” mode and we’ll see about the rest!

Horoscope: this astrological sign takes stock of its love life

Pisces is not the most talkative of all the zodiac signs, but it is without a doubt one of the most romantic. So, for love, Pisces is sometimes ready to leave its comfort zone. A way to preserve his cocoon, his balance or simply to take care of himself. “This week, many planets will bring you support that will strengthen your self-confidence and encourage you to get closer to others and to make constructive adjustments on the love front,” warns Jean-Yves Espié. We can therefore expect to see Pisces gradually opening up to his other half or to his crush. Buoyed by the influence of the planets, he or she decides to take things in hand by speaking openly.

The result can only be positive. As a couple, this strengthens the bonds. If you’re single, you could see things more clearly. He or she will set the terms, define what he or she needs, what he or she really wants and what he or she doesn’t want anymore. “Take advantage of this context to refocus on what is achievable and put aside the uncertain. You will save time”, advises the astrologer. Neither one nor two, the last Water sign will feel lighter, as if freed from a weight. This will leave you free to find love or to dive into romance more serenely. A break is necessary. A little distance or introspection will be perfect to make him realize that it is good to enjoy sweet moments.

Horoscope: this week promises to be a particularly romantic one for this star sign

For several weeks now, the Fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, have dominated the top of the ranking of the luckiest signs. It must be said that for them, everything is intensely positive and easy. The period offers them vivid energies that push them to take their destiny in hand to shape a future as flamboyant as a ray of sunshine in the middle of summer. So it’s no surprise that Leo takes its place on this week’s podium. “The double protective influence of the planet of luck and that of love will allow you to do whatever you want,” says Jean-Yves Espié. The most royal of the zodiac signs combines confidence, charm and audacity to break down barriers. Made irresistible, nothing can stop him anymore. If this can allow him to put his pawns on the chessboard on the professional side, it is especially on the heart side that his aura will positively impact his life.

Result: we can expect a burning passion and to see an ardent desire awakening in the Leo. He gives in to all his desires, sees life in pink and tries to create surprise with his partner(s)… It’s decadent, exotic, fun. It’s decadent, exotic and fun, and it’s enough to make you forget about your daily routine and routine. “If you decide to be good, take advantage of these favorable skies to make your love stories real by taking the initiative. Single, then, Leo can expect to receive a little help from the heavens to help turn a divine romance into an epic story. Romance on the horizon. The astrologer reminds us that Oscar Wilde wrote that “follies are the only things you never regret”. No need for more details. It’s time for Leo to go for it, to be daring and to have fun.

Horoscope: this week’s luckiest zodiac sign

They have a mastery of words, the art of seducing, charming and the desire to share their good mood with whoever wants to hear them. Gemini is without a doubt the most charming sign of the zodiac. It’s hard to resist its power of attraction. Of course, when Venus, the planet of love, invites itself in its sign, its aura becomes so powerful that a perfume of lightness and romance floats in the air. “With the passage of Venus in your sector, prepare yourself to go through a period of charm and luck that you will feed by showing humor and openness, as you know so well how to do”, announces Jean-Yves Espié. For Gemini, the next few days will be a giant speed dating event. Alone or with a partner, he simply enjoys the small pleasures of life. This translates into languorous exchanges, games of looks or the desire for poetic escapades.

His sentimental life is in the foreground and occupies most of his time. It is up to him to draw the future that will make him vibrate. For one night or for life, Gemini lends himself to the “I love you, a little, a lot, madly” by simply omitting the “not at all”. For him, everything is feelings and passion. He embraces his desires, takes the lead to make it clear to whoever he is interested in that he can be the ideal partner. “If you clearly express your feelings and your need to feel loved, you will have every chance to be heard,” promises the astrologer. The challenge is simple. It’s time to get started!

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