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Math riddle: Measure your IQ by solving this equation in under 30 seconds!

It’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses if you want to get ahead in life. That’s why we’re inviting you to take this IQ test. assess your intellectual capacities. So don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Take the time to concentrate, then start the test.

To test your intellectual abilities, we’re going to ask you to solve a 4-digit equation. However, this is not a classic calculation, as we’re going to ask you to do the following 4 possible answers: A, B, C and D. Using your mathematical knowledge and logic, you must choose between the following propositions to finish this test. Before giving your answer, take time to think and understand the equation. Stay focused and give yourself the best chance of success.


Why take an IQ test?

Online IQ tests are of undeniable interestbecause they offer the opportunity to explore their intellectual potential in a practical and accessible way. You, as an inquisitive individual eager to deepen your knowledge of yourself, can benefit from these cognitive assessments to understand you better. These tests allow us to instructive self-assessment by identifying your strengths and weaknesses in various cognitive areas such as logic, memory and spatial reasoning. What’s more, their online appearance gives you freedom of choice and flexibilityallowing you to pursue them at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. This gives you the opportunity to discover your intellectual potential in a confidential and enriching way.

It’s time to see the solution!

The correct answer was choice B, so 35.

Congratulations to all those who managed to find the right answer. Your intellectual skills are very impressive.

For those who didn’t make it through the test, don’t worry, we’ll help you. In an equation, multiplication always comes first. That’s why we had to start with 5 x 5 before adding the result to the rest of the equation.


We hope you enjoyed this IQ test. Most of all, don’t hesitate to share it on your social networks to challenge your friends.

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