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Mathematical riddle: Only a true genius can find the solution in 30 seconds!

If you’re into math, numbers and logic games, then this is the puzzle for you.

Take up the challenge and prove you’re a genius at the same time. You’ve got thirty (30) seconds to do it. Start as soon as you’re ready.

What does this puzzle involve?

To solve the riddle, try to determine the weight of the carrot. Its weight varies from one (1) to five (5) kg. To do this, you’ll have several pictures of scales at your disposal. On them are weights and various fruits and vegetables. With each scale, you’ll have to calculate the weight of each food item one by one, before you can determine the weight of the carrot. Remember: you’ve only got thirty (30) seconds.

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Why do math puzzles?

It’s essential to take time out to rest and recharge your batteries. However, if you want to make the most of this relaxation time, there’s nothing better than a little riddle. Math puzzles will both stimulate your brain and help you relax. As a result, your stress levels will drop and you’ll be more productive.

Time’s up! Did you complete the challenge?

The carrot weighed 4 kg! Well done to everyone who got it right. You’re remarkably talented!

In order to solve the riddle more quickly and avoid doing too many calculations, it was essential to start with logic: a cherry is inevitably lighter than a pear. So, if the two fruits weighed a total of 4 kg, then the pear must have weighed 3 kg, while the cherry weighed 1 kg. Then, knowing the weight of the pear, it was just a matter of continuing the calculation. In this puzzle, the pineapple weighed the same as a pear plus 2 kg, so it’s supposed to weigh 6 kg. Then, by adding the weight of two cherries and a pineapple, you’d get 7 kg, the weight of a pumpkin and one (1) kg more. The pumpkin, therefore, weighed 6 kg. Knowing that the pumpkin is equal to the weight of the carrot plus 2 kg, you subtracted the weight of the carrot and found 4 kg. Don’t worry, here’s the solution in pictures to help you understand.

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