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Only a person with a fairly developed sense of observation can overcome this challenge quickly

In order to put your intellectual abilities to the test, we suggest you take a test. Attention, this test is worthy of a true genius. Therefore, if you succeed, it means you are at least as smart as a genius. The opportunity for you to show what you are really capable of. Take a deep breath, then begin the test.

What are the instructions for this test?

For this test, you will need to use your Sens of observation. Indeed, we are going to ask you to find an intruder. To do this, we will show you an image. On the latter, there will be several times the number 9. On this same image hides the number 6 and you must find it to pass this test. To achieve this, you need to stay focused and use your skills correctly. visual skills. To make the exercise more fun, invite your friends to do it with you and do the race. The first to find the 6 is a genius.

Why do a test?

Before embarking on a project, you have to be aware of your potential ! Precisely, the tests help to better identify the strong and weak points since they help to evaluate intellectual abilities of somebody. Moreover, they can even be used as an exercise for address gaps and flaws in intellectual performance. It should also be remembered that the tests can be fun and allow those who take them to take a break from the daily routine. Thus, tests like this help to lower stress levels, which can be very helpful in reducing the risk of overwork and memory loss problems.

It’s time to give the solution!

We would like to congratulate everyone who managed to find the number 6. Your visual abilities greatly impress us. For those who couldn’t find it, don’t worry, we’ll help you find it. For this we ask you to look at the picture again. This time, focus on the left side of the image. The number 6 is on the seventh line from the left. To be more precise, it is necessary to count four lines starting from the bottom. To help you, here is the solution in picture.


We hope you had fun with this test. Above all, do not hesitate to share it on your social networks.

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