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Pass this mathematical challenge in 15 seconds to prove to everyone that you’re a whiz with numbers!

Only a true genius could complete and pass this challenge in such a short space of time. Do you think you are one?

Today, we’d like to put your intellectual abilities to the test. We’re giving you the chance to try your hand at a mathematical challenge. Do your best, but above all, don’t forget to have fun. Take the time to get comfortable, then start as soon as you’re ready.

What are the instructions for this maths challenge?

For this puzzle, we’re going to present you with a total of 4 operations. The results will be in figures and numbers, but the components of the operations are small illustrations of steering wheels, ship’s buoys and anchors. The results of the first three operations have been given. Your task is to find the result of the last operation. To do this, you’ll need to use the data previously provided. Remember, you need to be logical, but you also need to be quick. You’ve only got 15 seconds to prove to everyone that you’re one of the elite.

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Why take on a mathematical challenge?

Mathematical challenges are an excellent way of assessing a person’s intellectual capacity. They show whether a person is capable of solving a problem or not. And they also help progress by highlighting the flaws in an intellectual performance and helping to close them. Challenges can therefore act as exercises for the brain, keeping it active.

The 15 seconds are up. Were you successful?

The result of the last operation was 14. Congratulations to all those who managed to find the right answer.

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For those of you who didn’t succeed, we’ll help you understand what you had to do. All you had to do was find the value of each illustration. To do this, you had to use the data already provided and make a few calculations. Thus, the steering wheel was equal to 3, given that three steering wheels were worth 9. The boat buoy was equal to 6, based on the value of the steering wheel and the result of the second operation. Once these two values were found, it was easy to discover that the anchor was equal to 5, simply by replacing the wheel and the boat buoy with the numbers they represented. In the end, all you had to do was add up the three values. Here’s the solution in pictures to help you.

We hope you enjoyed this challenge, and we’d be delighted if you’d share it on your social networks.


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