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Personality test: Discover your true nature and personality through the shape of your lips.

Take this personality test based on your physical appearance to find out more about yourself!

By putting yourself to the test, you’ll get to know yourself better. You’ll probably be surprised by some of the truths about yourself, but it will help you to understand the way you act or think, and to get a better view of yourself.

Visual test: “What’s the shape of your lips?”

To perform this personality test, look at the image below and identify which of the 6 lip shapes shown most closely resembles your own.

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Personality test: the answers

So, have you found which of these lips most closely matches the shape of your own? What’s the number?

1. Thick, full lips

Behind your gentle, rather reserved appearance lies a strong character. Although you don’t usually demonstrate your courage and strength, you don’t hesitate to take action and assume responsibility when necessary. You’re also a person who cares deeply about your family.

2. Small, thick lips

You’re a cheerful person who’s hard to make angry. You bring joy and light to every relationship you enter into. Yet despite your sociability, you’re often stubborn, selfish and like to be the center of attention.

3. A thicker upper lip

A born leader, you’re trustworthy and very responsible. People with such lips are combative and courageous. They don’t back down from anything and aren’t afraid to face life’s hazards. Be careful not to damage your relationships by making rash, final decisions.

4. A thicker lower lip

Intelligent and always active, you’re ambitious and don’t like to sit around daydreaming. You don’t hesitate to defend your ideas against anyone if you think you’re right. Your weak point is that you don’t always understand other people.

5. Very thin lips

Your very thin lips indicate that you’re outgoing and comfortable in society. You’re able to communicate energetically and always remain positive. This also makes it easy for you to find a partner.

6. Small, thin lips

You’re a very selective person in all your relationships and quite complex to figure out. However, once you’ve chosen someone, you’re good and loyal to them. Your friends can always count on you!

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