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Pluto retrograde in Capricorn: these 3 signs are in for BIG trouble this week

The planet Pluto will make life difficult for 2 astrological signs this week. Find out here if yours is one of them!

Pluto, planet of intensity, sexuality and transformation, has been retrograde in the sign of Aquarius since the first days of May 2023. As part of its retrograde movement, Pluto will change sign on Sunday June 11, 2023. While this constellation change is a major astrological event, it will be transitory, lasting until October 11 of the same year. Three zodiac signs will experience the beginning of this astral positioning in a difficult way. Would you like to know if yours is one of them? Find out here!

Astro: what impact does Pluto retrograde have on the lives of astrological signs?

The planet Pluto has a troubled reputation in the zodiac. It’s well known that its passage can bring about radical and definitive changes in a person’s life. Its symbolism is linked to transformation, death and sex, all taboo subjects in Western society. But what Pluto is really doing during its retrograde is helping us to take stock. His ultimate goal is to clean up our lives and make way for new things.

Since change is often difficult to manage, it’s only natural that this planet, which urges us to embrace it, seems so formidable. In the sector of your birth chart where this powerful star is currently retrograde, you’ll be asking yourself a lot of questions. And not the easy ones! In this area of your life affected by Pluto, something has to be transformed and let go, so that the new can flourish. There must be an awareness and a willingness to question what we cling to out of commitment or obligation. June 11, 2023 marks the beginning of a period when holding on to what no longer serves us could cost us dearly, both individually and as a society. Are you ready to let go?

Horoscope: which zodiac signs could experience major difficulties due to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn?

Two astrological signs could experience Pluto’s entry into Capricorn in a rather painful way. For them, the remission in question and the changes that Pluto will bring rather abruptly will be difficult to integrate into their lives. Find out here if your sign is one of them!


Pluto’s return to the sign of Capricorn will take place in your astrological zone of finance. This will lead you to question the way you manage your resources and what you’re doing in this area that could ruin your long-standing efforts. To make matters worse, your ruling planet on June 11, 2023 is super afflicted in the sky, making you prone to loss of control and excess. Watch your wallet, don’t be so carefree.


With Pluto back in your sign, the foundations of your life will be shaken. This will be positive in the long term, but it also means that many things in the way you lead your life and the way you are will have to be questioned if you don’t want to continue repeating painful patterns. A change in your way of seeing things will be abrupt and probably difficult, but it will help you to evolve. Your stability will be put to the test, so show your strength.



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