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Prove that you are a smart person by finding the error in this image

It takes an extremely sharp and perceptive mind to get through this test, are you sure you’re up to it?

Do you want to test your skills? Then this IQ test is for you. Not only will you have a lot of fun, but you will also be able to evaluate your intellectual abilities. Please take the time to concentrate and start the test as soon as you feel ready.

What does this IQ test consist of?

For this test, we will present you with a picture of a family camping. At first glance, everything looks normal, but in reality, there is a mistake hidden in this picture. Your objective is to find the error. To do this, you will have to use your logic and your sense of observation and analysis. To prove that you are really smart, there is a time limit: you only have 45 seconds to finish the test.

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The time limit is over, did you find the error?

Our congratulations if you managed to find the error quickly. Your logic and observation skills are impressive. For all the people who couldn’t find the mistake, it’s okay, we will help you to find it. To begin with, you need to look at the image again. Then, you will try to analyze each detail and especially, you will concentrate on the forest. Indeed, the error to look for is in the greenery, so you can ignore the rest. If you were to concentrate, you should have noticed the presence of a small cactus. It is on the left side of the picture, close to the man with glasses reading a newspaper. With logic and good reasoning, you should have realized that cacti do not grow in the forest or in the jungle. To help you find it, here is the solution in pictures.

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