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Prove that your logic is relentless by correctly moving the matches to form the smallest number!

You have to be really smart to get through this test. Do you think you are up to this challenge?

Do you like challenges? Then this IQ test that we are proposing today is made for you. Indeed, thanks to this test, you will be able to test your intelligence and get a small idea of your intelligence quotient. As an added bonus, this test will also allow you to have fun. Get ready to start.

What are the instructions for this IQ test?

For this test, we’re going to present you with the number 993, made from several matches. Your objective is quite simple, since you must succeed in forming the smallest number by removing only three matches. To achieve this, you will need concentration, logic and perseverance. Therefore, you must keep trying until you find the right answer.

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What is the purpose of taking an IQ test?

The first objective of this type of test that you can easily find online is to allow you to take a few minutes to relax. Indeed, by taking the appearance of a game, online IQ tests can be very fun and allow you to take a little break in the day. However, you should know that IQ tests are also useful to test your intellectual abilities. Here, you will be able to test your ability to concentrate and your reasoning skills. In addition, IQ tests can help keep the brain active and healthy, as they act as an intellectual exercise. Therefore, they can also improve your intellectual skills and performance.

It’s time to give the test solution.

The smallest number that could be formed was 343. Congratulations to all the people who managed to find the right answer. For those of you who couldn’t complete the test, don’t worry, we’ll help you figure out what to do. You simply had to remove a match from the first number to get the number 3. Finally, you had to remove the matches from the top and bottom of the second number to form a 4. So that you understand better, here is the solution in picture.

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