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Prove your observational skills by identifying the 10 differences in less than 60 seconds!

Come and take today’s challenge to prove that you have outstanding visual acuity and speed of thought. This is a visual test in which concentration, observation and precision. Are you up to the challenge?

Visual test: “Find the 10 differences between these images”.

Below are two almost identical photos of the seabed. 10 differences separate these two images. You then have 60 seconds to observe them carefully and determine these errors. Here’s an exciting visual test. It’s time to prove your worth! The 60 seconds start now! It’s your turn!


Observation test: the answers

The 60 seconds are up. How did you do? Were you able to identify the errors hidden in the vastness of the sea?

If you managed to find them all, congratulations! You’re a keen observer, and we’ve no doubt you’ll be a great one! agility of mind. If you failed the test with fewer than 10 differences found, don’t worry. This means that you just need to practice. And what better way to boost your cognitive performance than a new IQ test!

While you’re waiting for your next cerebral challenge, discover the solution to this difference game.

The solution

You can see the 10 differences you need to find in image below:


Don’t forget to share your achievement with your friendss and why not challenge them to this observation test to measure their IQ?

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