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Solve this visual puzzle by finding the top view of this image.

Do you like challenges? If you do, then you’ll love this visual puzzle. You’ll be able to have fun while evaluating your intellectual and visual skills. This is a good opportunity to use your time wisely. So concentrate and try this test.

What does this visual puzzle consist of?

For test your visual skillsWe’re going to present you with a bunch of colored pencils. There will be pink, green and blue crayons. All you have to do is observe the pile, then compare it with 6 propositions to find out which one represents the pile as seen from above.. To do this, you’ll need to be concentrated and very observant. Even if the challenge seems difficult, don’t let it get you down, and keep going until you find the right answer.


Why try to solve a visual puzzle?

Visual puzzles offer a stimulating and entertaining experience while challenging our brains. They develop our cognitive skills, such as visual perception, problem-solving and creativity. By exploring complex images and optical illusionsthey invite us to look beyond the obvious, find hidden details and make unexpected connections. Visual puzzles also enhance our visual memory and our mental agility. They are an infinite source of interest for exercising our minds and discover the mysteries of our visual perception.

It’s time to finish. Are you ready to see the solution?

The correct answer was choice 5!

We congratulate all those who found the right picture!Your visual skills are impressive. For those of you who chose another suggestion, don’t worry, we’ll explain. All you had to do was visualize the image, taking into account the position of the colored pencils.


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