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These 3 astrological signs will be happy in love in 2023

Every year it’s the same old story: we wonder if we’ll be a little luckier than the year before. For those astrological signs who have had a slightly more complicated 2022, rest assured that the astral sky is in perpetual motion. There’s one area in particular that catches our attention, and that’s whether there’s going to be any change in the emotional sphere. Because yes, “Will I find love this year?” is a fundamental question for all of us who are single. For this new year, which signs of the zodiac will be favored, thanks in particular to the retrograde of Venus in Leo, which will be favorable for all the fire signs, namely Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. But who among these beautiful people will really find love?

Aries natives will be particularly well off this year:

Aries, don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for love throughout the year. The cosmos is precisely on your side right now. In fact, you’ve started 2023 under the best of auspices. Jupiter, planet of luck and abundance, is in your neighborhood until mid-May. For most of the first quarter, Jupiter will bring its share of good news. What’s more, beautiful Venus also transits your sign from February 20 to March 16. These two planets are in your favor because, around March 2, they met, which could create great opportunities for you to get to know your soul mate. If this is not the case, don’t be discouraged: Mars, planet of action, and Venus will take over from here, continuing their course in a friendly sign. This will enable you either to formalize a union, or to strengthen ties with your future lover.

Taurus natives, don’t be impatient:

For you Taurus natives, the beginning of the year can be particularly quiet in this area. However, this is not the time to lose hope and become discouraged. In the course of 2023, the planets will align for you more or less quickly. First of all, Venus, ambassador of love and feelings, will be in your quarters from March 17 to April 11, which will undoubtedly give you a little boost. But that’s not all: from May 16 to mid-May 2024, Jupiter joins in for your greatest happiness. What’s more, uranus, planet of the sudden and unexpected, joins venus. Not only will this release your emotions, but it could also lead to love at first sight. If you meet someone this year, passion is sure to be the order of the day.

It’s a decisive year for Leo natives:

This is a very important year for people born under the sign of Leo. Venus, planet of love, usually retrogrades 3 weeks a year. For 2023, it’s a completely different story! In fact, Venus will retrograde for 4 months, from June 5 to October 9 in your sign. This movement will be felt by you as a sensation of “going backwards”. This may revive some good or bad memories about your past. Among other things, an old relationship could resurface in your life during this period. In any case, this configuration is very beneficial for the lion. Beautiful encounters may be in store, including one that could play an important role in your love life, but not only that… So be careful! Think about the kind of relationship that suits you best. Dare to reach out to others, because it’s up to you whether this encounter will change your life or just be a passing one!


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