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Use your powers of observation to find all the differences between these two images.

It’s time to take a break from today’s routine for a few minutes. To do this, we suggest a little game of difference that’ll put your skills to the test in a good-natured atmosphere. You’ve got nothing to lose, so go for it!

What is this game of difference?

For this little test, we’re going to show you two very similar images of a family on the beach. You guessed it, the two images are not completely identical due to two details. It should be noted that this time the differences are very subtle. That’s why only real observers can pass this test. In addition, you only have 18 seconds to complete this game.


Why make a difference game?

Difference games are excellent brain-building activities. They call on visual memory, concentration and observation skills. In this way, they allow us to put our cognitive skills to good use, which in turn leads to improved performance. What’s more, difference games can be seen as fun activities to do when we need a break during the day.

The game has just finished. Have you found the differences?

We’d like to congratulate everyone who managed to find the differences in such a short space of time! Your performance is incredible!

For those of you who couldn’t figure it out, don’t worry, this game was really difficult. Here’s the solution in pictures.


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