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Who do you think broke the vase? Your answer will reveal interesting details about your personality.

Your view of the world says a lot about you. We propose to you today to learn more about yourself by passing a little test. It will only take you a few minutes, so don’t hesitate. Take the time to get comfortable and start as soon as you feel ready.

What does this test consist of?

We are going to show you an image in which there will be a woman and her children around a vase that has fallen on the ground. Unfortunately, the vase is broken and the mother seems to be convinced that one of the children is responsible. So you need to carefully observe the picture and then point out a culprit. The answer you give will reveal details about who you are.


Why take this kind of test?

A person’s view of the world determines who they are. Therefore, to get to know someone better, one must understand how he perceives the world. This kind of test allows you to know yourself and understand yourself better. Thus, this kind of test helps to better accept oneself to better move forward. The objective of this type of test is to help the participants during the personal development process.

It’s time to read the results.

If you think child A is guilty, this means that for you, appearances are enough to form your own opinion. Be careful not to jump to conclusions and judge someone unfairly. You may be rational, considering only what you see, but appearances can also be deceiving.

If you think child B is the culprit, it proves that you are far from being a materialistic person. You don’t really care about objects and you don’t like hasty conclusions. You prefer to stay positive and convey this state of mind.

If you think child C is the culprit, it means that the small details mean a lot to you. Details help you form an opinion. However, be careful not to make a mistake and get someone in trouble because of a misinterpretation.

If you think child D is the culprit, it means that you find it difficult to assume the consequences of your actions and to take your responsibilities. You depend a lot on others because you are too sensitive.

We hope that this test allowed you to learn more about yourself. Above all, do not hesitate to share it on your social networks so that your friends try it in turn.

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