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You’re a keen observer if you can find the 5 differences in the two images quickly!

If you’ve got good eyesight, you’ll have no trouble solving this visual test that we are offering you today. The aim of the game is simple: find the 5 dissimilarities on the image in under 20 seconds!

This IQ test is not as easy as it looks!

At first glance, the two images look almost identical. They show a man driving a car in the countryside, waving. If you pay close attention, you’ll see that there are several differences between the two images. The colors used, the layout of each set element, and so on. Everything has been carefully thought out to render this visual challenge more or less difficult to solve. And to make matters worse, you’ll have just 20 seconds to find the 5 differences. If you exceed this time limit, you’ll lose the game, but you can still practice with other types of test on our site.


How to pass this test on time

So that you don’t miss out on any details, make yourself comfortable before you start this test. For example, keep away from any distractions that could affect your concentration. To give yourself the best chance of success, isolate yourself in a room.

The solution

Congratulations to those who found the 3 differences, for the others don’t worry we’ll help you.

Here’s the solution in pictures:


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