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You’ve only got 15 seconds to find the hidden pencil. Can you do it?

Do you think you have good visual acuity? It’s time to find out! Take today’s visual challenge to find out if you have good vision and a real eye for detail. This observation test will also test your patience and your concentration. Don’t underestimate him!

Visual test: “Where is the pencil in this picture?”

To complete today’s visual test, you first need to prepare yourself mentally. Once you’re fully concentrated, you can start your stopwatch from 15 seconds and start looking at the image below looking for a pencil.


Indeed, you only have 15 seconds to analyze this image and find the hidden pencil among all these books.

Are you ready? Let’s play!

Observation test: the right answer

Your time is up, and it’s time to announce the verdict: are you a poor observer or an excellent one?

If you’ve managed to find the pencil before the 15 seconds are up, then you’ve exceptional visual acuity and a keen eye for detail. Congratulations! If, on the other hand, you failed the observation test, it means you need to improve your vision and speed of analysis. To do this, you need to can visit our site and take on other visual challenges.

The solution

We reveal in the image the correct answer to this visual test. The famous pencil you need to find was hiding just above the blue book in the top left of the picture.


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